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All the learning materials that accompany our courses can be purchased here
The resources below are all in the public domain and freely available on the Internet.

View - Conversational Hypnosis by Influence Mastery Inc.
View - Hypnosis and Suggestion - Scientific study of hypnosis. Old book published by E.W.Scripture, Yale university
View - Hypnosis for healing and helath - John Krukowski
View - Hypnosis research - a collection of scientific abstracts for the hypnotherapy practitioner
View - Hypnosis scripts - Created by graduates of the American School of Hypnosis. Worth a look
View - Hypnotherapy - An Exploratory Casebook.   Milton Erickson & Ernest Rossi
View - Hypnotherapy certification training manual. Used by the American board of Hypnosis. Lots of useful resources.
View - Hypnotherapy for Dummies. One of the classic dummies books - worth a read.
View - Hypnotic magazine - 1897. Interesting old book with many references to current techniques and ideas.
View - Hypnotic Realities. - Milton Erickson
View - Hypnotize This! - A small book on general hypnosis and hypnotherapy applications. Easy to read.
View - KTM - Key to the Mind - Richard Nongard ( Stage & Clinical hypnotist) General hypnosis techniques.
View - Manipulation - A. Thomas Perhacs. Covert persuasion and Hypnotic Influence
View - Nature of Hypnosis - Erickson & Rossi. An in depth look at the concept of hypnosis.
View - Covert hypnosis - Steve Jones. Interesting book written by a well known stage and street hypnotist
View - The Art of Covert Hypnosis - Steven Peliari. An in depth look at some of the more covert hypnosis techniques
View - Hypnosis stage show/Demo risk assessment. Please don't use it as a direct copy, amend and make it your own
View - Stage show poster - Text that should be included if you are conforming to the 1952 Hypnosis Act
View - British Hypnosis Research training manual by Stephen Brooks
View - Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards
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