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All the learning materials that accompany our courses can also be purchased from
The resources below are free to download and use, with no limitations on use.

Download - New Code - Alphabet game sheet for printing onto A4.
Download - Form for taking initial client details. (Name address,age,dob etc)
Download - The full set of clean language questions.
Download - A list of approx 40 eye accessing cue questions
Download - Tool for evaluating feedback.Not strictly NLP, but useful.
Download - A classic logic puzzle, great as an ice breaker, or for team work exercise.
Download - Neurological levels - classic NLP prac level information, complete with an exercise.
Download - The complete listing of Meta Model patterns, with explanation and examples
Download - A set of questions that can be used to explore a clients metaprograms
Download - A complete listing of the NLP Milton model patterns
Download - A useful sheet explaining the NOT NOT quantum questions on Master practitioner
Download - A list of V,A,K predicates
Download - An exercise that can be used to elicit strategies from clients
Download - Different linguistic methods of reframing
Download - The NLP comms model
Download - Tote Model -Flow chart outlining the principle of the NLP TOTE (Test, Operate, Test, Exit) model
Download - NLP Training exercises - Huge resource of exercises for every NLP technique out there.
Download - NLP technique mini guide.  - Handy A5 sized guide to some of the most commonly used NLP techniques - doc
Download - Quantum Physics - why Schrodingers cat can be alive and dead at the same time. Video explanation of quantum stuff!
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