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What is NLP?
In 1975 two American university lecturers discovered a system that led to human thought processes and behaviours being available for replication by anyone that wanted to learn new skills.
They studied people who were excellent in their field, and "coded" the behaviours of excellence into a system now know as NLP. (Neuro lingusitic programming). Essentially NLP is like software for the brain, which can be used to rewrite old behaviours,values  beliefs etc with new, more beneficial behaviours that help you achieve your goals.

On an NLP 5 day intensive course you will learn about:

- Well Formed Outcomes – Learn how to create compelling, successful goals every time
- Representational Systems – Learn how to understand yourself and others
- Submodalities – Learn how to use your brain’s programming language
- Language Patterns – Change your world through the words you use
- Anchoring & State Management – Change the way you feel anytime you like
- Strategies – Change your behaviours and unwanted habits
- Personal Integration – Resolve internal conflict and gain congruence and understanding
- Time Empowerment Techniques – Learn how to release emotions from the past
- Beliefs – Learn how to change limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs
- Phobia Model – Eradicate phobias in yourself and others
- Learning Strategies – Learn how to teach, coach and lead others.

Steve is a certified trainer of NLP, up to and including Master practitioner. He currently delivers training at master practitioner level for Toby & Kate McCartney, a training company based in Scotland. For small groups of people wanting to become certified NLP practitioners, Steve is available to deliver training locally. The path to becoming a successful NLP practitioner, master practitioner and even trainer is a long, but fulfilling journey, and should not be undertaken lightly. If you have a group of people who would like to become NLP practitioners, and learn enhanced behavioural skills for use in the workplace, in relationships etc, then please use the contact page to chat to Steve about your interest.
It may be that as an individual you may like to train with Toby & Kate, and receive part of your  training with Steve at Master Practitioner level.

If you have a genuine interst in learning a little about the benefits of NLP, then sign up for the (Genuinely!) Free NLP weekend training event, which is run every month at the Novotel, Tower Hill, London. To find out more click here

Please Note: Accomodation & Travel are NOT included in  price listing
Steve Adams
Toby and Kate
Call: 07590 806380
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