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I've been fortunate enough to train with Steve on various occasions.
Apart from attending his Hypnotherapy and NLP trainings and 'Meetups', I've also completed his Presentation Skills and MS Excel courses.
Yes, a person can be an expert in many different fields! Steve is a prime example of that.
His wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in training, paired up with his kindness, friendly nature and great sense of humour create an ideal learning environment.
Highly recommend any of his courses to people who would like to learn from an excellent trainer in a welcoming, encouraging and supportive environment.
Thank you for all you have taught me, Steve!
Vanda Varga (Hypnotherapist, coach, NLP Master practitioner) September 2020

Steve and I met for the first time at the recent Chamber of Commerce expo, I found Steve to be immediately likeable and easy to chat with.  Since that first meeting I have attended several of Steve's online courses, as we're mid lockdown it's the perfect time for self development.  Steve is knowledgeable, professional and relaxed in his approach meaning that it was easy to get engrossed in the subject matter and soak up the information he imparts.  I can and would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to improve their communication and personal development skillset .
Adrienne Potter  April 22, 2020  
Clarity Coaching & Personal Development | Working together to discover & develop your talents to create change

"Steve  without doubt is one of the very best trainers and coaches I have ever  had the fortune of learning from. His relaxed yet immensely informative  and professional style enables each and every student to learn,  understand and indeed master the skills he imparts. He excels in finding  just the right way to get the message across, with the perfect blend of  authority and If you get the chance to attend any training with Steve  then I wouldn't hesitate - I will most certainly be back."
Nicky Lloyd Greame NLP & Life Coach
January 20, 2019

"Steve  is one of the best trainers I commission to deliver training for our  business clients. He has an instinctive ability to work with people at  all levels and meet their individual requirements. He can be trusted to  represent our organisation to the highest standards and successfully  balances the needs of the learners with the needs of the employer. His  knowledge and expertise is unquestionable and he always researches his  subject to ensure he keeps his finger on the pulse. He doesn't just  deliver the standard he offers flexibility to address the more bespoke  and individual needs of individuals and businesses."
Jackie Morris Education and Training Consultant
August 22, 2018

"What a wonderful 4 days I've just spent with some fantabulous new friends and some just as fantabulous old ones...oh and Steve.
Steve  Adams is a fantastic Hypnotherapy guide and teacher; he is down to  earth, extremely thorough regarding the hypnotic techniques, methods and  information; I felt completely relaxed and safe in his class; plus his  jokes are ok too.
I have come away from his class  feeling confident in my new found skills and ready to begin to practice  the methods he passed on to us.
In my opinion, if you  are considering a hypnotherapy course you could not choose a better  practitioner of the Hypnotic arts to study with."
Simon ( NLP Master Practitioner)2018

"Fantastic  4 days at Hypno with some truly amazing people. Thank you to the  wonderful Steve Adams who's fun engaging style had us laughing, crying  and learning. #crushonsteve
Loved the group, the pace, the activities and can't wait to use hypnosis to enhance people's lives. Thank you. X"
Kate (NLP Master Practitioner) 2019

"Here's  to say a massive thank you to Steve Adams for a first class course  professionally presented by an extremely competent trainer and awesome  hypnotherapist - Steve you're FABLUS."
Debs (Certified trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapist)2018

"Hi  Steve. Thank you so much for an amazing 4 days.  You are so inspiring  fun and talented. Love your training style and your open and honest  approach. Truly feeling motivated as you and others have given me the  kick up the arse I've needed."
Kate (NLP trainer & personal coach)

"I found the experience of this class fascinating. It was mind blowing at times, intense, exhausting, but so worth it.
I  left on Day 3 never wanting to go near hypnotherapy again (having been  somewhat emotionally rattled by one particular practise session.) For  me, allowing somebody else to own even a modicum of my control is  normally a major no-no. I think my, later, emotional reaction was partly  to do with the context of the practise session, but also the shock of  me letting go enough to be in the (albeit safe) hands of someone else.  Quite the revelation!
I left Day 4 feeling awesome  about the course and, genuinely, now have complete confidence in myself  as a hypnotherapist. I've quite surprised myself actually.
I  went into Day 1 fairly skeptical, but open minded enough to want to  listen and learn; I came out with an unexpected keenness to pursue  hypnotherapy and already have a queue forming of people to practise on.
Two very happy thumbs up (if thumbs can indeed be happy.) ??????"
(Jo-NLP practitioner) 2018

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